Let us sell your vehicle for you

Guaranteed Offers With TRUscore Certified Dealer bids

We will sell your pre-owned vehicle for you.

We have dealers in our network literally begging for good pre-owned vehicles.

We inspect your vehicle at your location and then it goes on one of our online certified dealer auctions.

We let dealers bid for your vehicle so you get the most money back on your vehicle.

Sell your used car The EASY Way!

You can sell your car the easy way with TRUscore Certified. We’ll do all the work to get you a real offer for your car that’s quick, easy and transparent. We level the playing field by inspecting, certifying, and then offering your vehicle to dealers the way they are accustomed to buying pre-owned vehicles.

Selling A Car During The COVID Pandemic

Looking to sell a car during the coronavirus pandemic? TRUscore Certified is here to help.

More detailed data like a 3rd party current condition report with images and video will help sell your vehicle faster.

We are working to help reduce risk and anxiety and help both parties feel more confident as we work through your vehicle transaction.

Buying & Selling cars just got easier with   TRUscore Certified. Don’t sell your vehicle before you know it’s real value!

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