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Turnkey Product

TRUscore by Navigation Research Company is focused on offering  vehicle certifications where they are not currently available, for cars on lots that are not the dealerships franchise brand. 


Forensic Vehicle Analysis


TRUscore Certified Vehicle Sticker


Digital Current Condition Report


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3 point coverage - Engine | Transmission | Drive Axel

Product Summary

For example a Dodge dealer can not certify a Chevy truck because their  factory franchise agreement will NOT let them, and vise versa. Also, no  Independent Dealer can offer an OEM CPO. 

We provide certifications for those pre-owned vehicles. There are more  than 37 million vehicles per year that can be certified, by TRUScore.  

That’s our business. An ounce of Prevention. 

A dealer buys better vehicles, sells the vehicle faster, and keeps more margin in the vehicle deal by getting it evaluated and certified.  

A customer buys a better vehicle, and gains transparency in the vehicle deal  by getting it evaluated and certified. 

The Solution 

Unlike history reports, we offer dealerships a digital current condition  report that enables a deeper look on most vehicles, in about 5 minutes, and potentially identifies hidden problems that cost a lot of margin. 

The Dealership buys a turnkey product that helps dealers improve gross  margins, improve turn rates, and boost F&I and service income. When  certification programs are properly structured and effectively marketed by  dealers, the programs can provide all three of those benefits simultaneously. 

The Customer is offered a TRUScore evaluated vehicle with passing  certification. The TRUscore warranty coverage is from day one, so re insurance is not required for the dealer.  

This eliminates the pre-existing condition argument and the standard 15 day  window of fear, uncertainty, and doubt for the dealer and the customer before  coverage can start. 

TruScore certification includes $1500.00 of coverage, and adds about  $1000.00 of real value in the used car guides like NADA and Kelly Blue Book  for late model used cars on Average to Clean graded vehicles. 

The coverage: Engine | Transmission | Drive Axle 

In addition to helping save time and margin, we add trust and transparency. 

Accurate data is critical during the deal process for the dealer to make an  educated decision. Dealers have a really hard time getting it “right” every  time, mistakes are made. The fast pace and lack of transparency, in these  auto transactions can quickly lead to wasted profits, lost potential, or an  unhappy member on each used vehicle transaction.

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