The Certified Auction

Dealers can Find Great Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale by the Public and other Dealers on our auction Certified by TRUscore.

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Real Time Auctions

The Certified Auto Auction by TRUscore is focused on offering  vehicles that have been inspected and certified, and as a result, are ready for auction to dealers looking for a good source of clean vehicles.

Forensic Vehicle Analysis

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Digital Current Condition Report


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3 point coverage - Engine | Transmission | Drive Axel

The Certified Auction 

An ounce of Prevention.  That’s our business.

We bridge the data gap between vehicle sellers and buyers.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle without an inspection or condition report is a terrible idea for anyone.

Until now a For Sale By Owner vehicle could not be “Certified”, and may have unknown pending or hidden issues. 

We provide inspections, appraisal, and certifications for those pre-owned vehicles. There are more than 37 million vehicles per year that can be inspected and certified, by TRUscore.  

We offer these vehicles from the public to dealers in our real time auctions.  

A dealer buys a better vehicle, and gains transparency into the vehicle condition when the seller inspects and certifies it first, this eliminates the need for arbitration. 

We Guarantee it.



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